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About us

Grand Designs Property

A premium service for the marketing of Unique, Prestige and Exclusive Property.

Grand Designs Property is a new, innovative and unique Real Estate Service that markets and services a limited number of clients to make sure the property receives the best possible exposure and presentation.

Our main directive is to market unique property whether it is a shack on the beach, a historic home or the best penthouse in the area. We will organise cocktail parties, openings, television advertising as well as Internet and Print Media and direct marketing.  We assess all mediums and outlets to utilise the best avenues of promotion that suits your property, without spending the budget on advertising that doesn’t gain the desired results.

The client is completely informed and becomes part of the selling process, after all who knows the property better than you?

It is only logical that if you want to present a Unique, Prestige or Exclusive Property, be it your home or investment, that you utilise the best possible service to ensure the best possible price.  It really should be a journey of happiness and pride in what is at times your most valuable asset outside of your family.

Grand Designs Property is a more desired and civilised marketing system.